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Refine Daylight Simulation

Refine simulation for an existing Radiance scene (.oct file)


Oct File_octFileScript variable PythonGoo
Analysis Recipe_analysisRecipeAn analysis recipeGoo
This Run Name_thisRunNameName of this run so you can recognize it laterGoo
Num Of CPUs_numOfCPUs_Number of CPUs to be used for the studies. This option doesn't work for image-based analysisGoo
Run It_runItScript input _runIt.Goo


OutreadMe!The execution information, as output and error streamsString
ResultsresultsScript variable runDaylightAnalysisGoo
Test PtstestPtsTest points if anyGoo
Result FilesresultFilesResult files. You need to need other components based on the type of the analysis to calculate the resultsGoo
DonedoneTrue if the study is overGoo

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