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ADDON. Version CC 2015. Released on 2016. Provides 21 components. Created by Andrew Heumann. Features 1 video tutorials.
Doodlebug allows Grasshopper to query and drive Adobe Illustrator. Geometry from Grasshopper can be streamed directly to illustrator with full control over stroke, fill, and other appearance attributes. Geometry can also be retrieved from Illustrator, manipulated in Grasshopper, and then sent back for a full round-trip.


Bring Layer To Front (BringToFront)
Bring Layer to Front
Close Document (CloseDoc)
Close a specified document
Create Text on Layer (CreateText)
Use this component to create text items on a layer. Specify points for point text, or a rectangle for area text.
Curves To Paths (CrvsToPaths)
Convert Rhino Curves to bezier curve paths in Illustrator
Curve To Path (CrvToPath)
Convert a Rhino Curve to a bezier curve path in Illustrator
Document Bounds (DocBounds)
Get the rectangle representing the document bounds
Documents (Docs)
Get Open Illustrator Documents
Export Document (Export)
Export a document to a specified location
Layer By Name (LayByName)
Get a layer from a document by name
Get Paths on Layer (LayPaths)
Gets the Path items on a layer
Get/Create Document Layers
New Document (NewDoc)
Create a new Illustrator Document
Open File (OpenFile)
Open an Illustrator Document
Open Illustrator (Illustrator)
Opens Illustrator and retrieves the running app.
Path Geometry (PathGeom)
Get the curve / polyline geometry of the path items
Run Script (Script)
Run script (written in javascript) in Illustrator
Scale Transforms (ScaleXForms)
Map to and from Illustrator document scale. All Doodlebug components take / output points, so this lets you smartly map to and from other units.
Send Layer To Back (SendToBack)
Send a layer to back of the document
Set Layer Properties (SetLay)
Sets the opacity and blend mode of a layer
Set Layer Order (LayOrder)
Set the desired layer order for a document
Set Path Properties (SetPathProp)
Set the display properties of Paths

Video Tutorials

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