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Create Case from Tunnel

Create Case from wind tunnel.


name_nameProject name.Goo
BF_geo_BF_geoList of butterfly geometries that will be inside the tunnel.Goo
ref_regionsref_regions_A list of refinement regions.Goo
wind_vector_wind_vectorA vector that indicates speed and direction of wind. Length of the vector will be used as windspeed and the unfied vector will be used for wind direction. For wind tunnel vector will be projected to XY plane.Goo
ref_wind_height_ref_wind_height_Reference height for wind velocity (default: 10m).Goo
landscape_landscape_An integer between 0-7 to calculate z0 (roughness). You can find full description of the landscape in Table I at this link (onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/met.273/pdf) 0 > '0.0002' # sea. Open sea or lake (irrespective of wave size), tidal flat, snow-covered flat plain, featureless desert, tarmac and concrete, with a free fetch of several kilometres 1 > '0.005' # smooth. Featureless land surface without any noticeable obstacles and with negligible vegetation; e.g. beaches, pack ice without large ridges, marsh and snow-covered or fallow open country. 2 > '0.03' # open. Level country with low vegetation (e.g. grass) and isolated obstacles with separations of at least 50 obstacle heights; e.g. grazing land without wind breaks, heather, moor and tundra, runway area of airports. Ice with ridges across-wind. 3 > '0.10' # roughly open. Cultivated or natural area with low crops or plant covers, or moderately open country with occasional obstacles (e.g. low hedges, isolated low buildings or trees) at relative horizontal distances of at least 20 obstacle heights 4 > '0.25' # rough. Cultivated or natural area with high crops or crops of varying height, and scattered obstacles at relative distances of 12-15 obstacle heights for porous objects (e.g. shelterbelts) or 8-12 obstacle heights for low solid objects (e.g. buildings). 5 > '0.5' # very rough. Intensively cultivated landscape with many rather large obstacle groups (large farms, clumps of forest) separated by open spaces of about eight obstacle heights. Low densely planted major vegetation like bush land, orchards, young forest. Also, area moderately covered by low buildings with interspaces of three to seven building heights and no high trees. 6 > '1.0' # Skimming. Landscape regularly covered with similar-size large obstacles, with open spaces of the same order of magnitude as obstacle heights; e.g. mature regular forests, densely built-up area without much building height variation. 7 > '2.0' # chaotic. City centres with mixture of low-rise and high-rise buildings, or large forests of irregular height with many clearings.Goo
make_2d_paramsmake_2d_params_Butterfly parameters to make a 2d wind tunnel.Goo
tunnel_params_tunnel_params_Butterfly tunnel parameters.Goo
run_runCreate wind tunnel case from inputs.Goo


outreportReports, errors, warnings, etc.String
block_ptsblock_ptsPoints showing the corners of the wind tunnel (for visualization).Goo
wind_tunnelwind_tunnelButterfly wind tunnel.Goo
casecaseButterfly case.Goo

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