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Point Attractor

Generates an iteratively defined new point/vector list for any given ,attractor affected, population of points.


PointsPPoint List to affectPoint
AttractorsAtPoint AttractorsPoint
RangeRAttractor's unique range (Leave one single value for global)Number
DistributionDSelect a force distribution:(0=Linear,1=parabola,2=sine,3=noise,4=hyperbolic,5=square root,6=power^3) (Leave one single value for global)Connect a ValueList component!Integer
Attraction/RepulsionReToggle between attraction and repulsion (Leave one single value for global)Boolean
Asc/DescAsToggle between Ascending/Descending valuesBoolean
Min/MaxMiToggle between Minimum/Maximum valuesBoolean
ForceFGlobal force for all the attractorsNumber
IterationsItNumber of iterationsInteger


LengthLThe lenght of the vectors sum Number
NewPointsPThe generated point list per iterationPoint
NewVectorsVThe generated vector list per iterationVector

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