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02 | Output
03 | Quantity
04 | Data Organization
05 | Flow

This component exports geometries from GH to KMZ file directly
This component doesn't rely on Export command.


GeometryGeoThe geometry you want to exportGoo
Object AttributesObjAttrObject attributes. Layer in this structure isn't used by default, right click the component to change the behavior. You may use Object attributes from Elefront, or Human. See manual for supported attributes.Goo
File LocationFileWhere to store the file. Filename and extension should be included.String
OverwriteOverwriteDefault false. Control if Pancake should overwrite the destination file.Boolean
ExportExportSet to True to conduct the export. Use True - only button or Toggle button. Do not use the vanilla button.Boolean


OKOKReturns if the action is successfulBoolean

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