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Calculate the next filename in a filepath series.


Pattern of filepathPFor example, 'D:\STLExport\{0}.stl' (without quote) will result in 'D:\STLExport\1.stl', '2.stl', etc. Follows 'String.Format' format. Please read manual for detailed information.String
Starting indexSDefault 1Integer
Quantity of filenamesCDefault -1 (doesn't output multiple names)Integer
Generate nextOKSet to true to generate the next filepathBoolean
ResetRSet to true to reset internal counter. Resetting won't bypass file existence check. We recommend to use the menu entry in the context menu as it doesn't trigger recomputation.Boolean


FilepathFPFile PathString
List of FilepathFPLFile Path (List)String
Counter of first fileCCounter of first fileInteger

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