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ADDON. Version 0.2. Released on 2019-Apr-08. Provides 8 components. Created by Mahdiyar Esmail Beigi. Features 0 video tutorials.
Box2D is a 2D rigid body simulation tool for Grasshopper. It uses Box2D physics engine and a C# wrapper from colgreen/box2Dx.


Box2DCircle (Box2DCir)
Generate Box2D Circle from Grasshopper Circle
Box2DPolygon (Box2DP)
Generate Box2D Polygon from Grasshopper Closed Polyline
Box2DRectangle (Box2DRec)
Generate Box2D Rectangle from Grasshopper Rectangle


Box2DPreview Simulate (PreviewSimulate)
Box2D Simulation Solver
Box2DSimulate (Simulate)
Box2D Simulation Solver
Box2DStep Simulate (StepSimulate)
Solver wich advances only when input refresed. Useful for making animation.


Convex (Conv)
Test if a polygon is convex.
Convex Decompose (CD)
Decompose concave polygon into several smaller convex polygon. Based on Convex decomposition algorithm created by Mark Bayazit (

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