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Solver wich advances only when input refresed. Useful for making animation.


Box2DBodiesBodiesBox2D Rigid BodiesGeneric Data
WorldBoundryBoundryDefine the boundry of the world .Simulation will still work if bodies reach the end of the world, but it will be slower.Rectangle
GravityGravityDefine the gravity vector.Vector
VelocityIterationsVelIterIn the velocity phase the solver computes the impulses necessary for the bodies to move correctly. Using fewer iterations increases performance but accuracy suffers.Integer
PositionIterationsPosIterIn the position phase the solver adjusts the positions of the bodies to reduce overlap and joint detachment. Using fewer iterations increases performance but accuracy suffers.Integer
TimestepTimestepBy using a larger time step you can improve performance in low frame rate scenarios.But generally you should use a time step no larger than 1/30 seconds.A time step of 1/60 seconds will usually deliver a high quality simulation.Number
AnimateAnimateIf false, simulation resets. If true the solution will advanced by one frame each time this input is recievedBoolean



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