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Generate Box2D Polygon from Grasshopper Closed Polyline


PolylinePlBase Closed PolylineCurve
DensityDIn kilograms per square meter, used to compute the mass properties. Can be zero or positive. Set to be non-zero, so the object will be dynamic.Number
FrictionFused to make objects slide along each other realistically. Usually set to be between 0 and 1, but can be any non-negative value.Number
RestitutionRUsed to make objects bounce. Usually set to be between 0 and 1. Consider dropping a ball on a table. Zero means the ball won't bounce (inelastic collision). One means the ball's velocity will be exactly reflected (perfectly elastic collision).Number
LinearVelocityLVLinear VelocityVector
AngularVelocityAVAngular VelocityNumber


Box2DPolylineBPBox2DPolylineGeneric Data

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