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SYSTEM COMPONENTS. Version 1.0.0007. Released on 2022-Mar-08. Provides 102 components. Created by David Rutten. Features 0 video tutorials.


Gate And (And)
Perform boolean conjunction (AND gate).
Gate Majority (Vote)
Calculates the majority vote among three booleans.
Equality (Equals)
Test for (in)equality of two numbers
Factorial (Fac)
Returns the factorial of an integer.
Larger Than (Larger)
Larger than (or equal to)
Mass Addition (MA)
Perform mass addition of a list of items
Mass Multiplication (MM)
Perform mass multiplication of a list of items
Gate Nand (Nand)
Perform boolean alternative denial (NAND gate).
Gate Nor (Nor)
Perform boolean joint denial (NOR gate).
Gate Not (Not)
Perform boolean negation (NOT gate).
Gate Or (Or)
Perform boolean disjunction (OR gate).
Relative Differences (RelDif)
Compute relative differences for a list of data
Similarity (Similar)
Test for similarity of two numbers
Smaller Than (Smaller)
Smaller than (or equal to)
Addition (A+B)
Mathematical addition
Multiplication (A×B)
Mathematical multiplication
Subtraction (A-B)
Mathematical subtraction
Gate Xnor (Xnor)
Perform boolean biconditional (XNOR gate).
Gate Xor (Xor)
Perform boolean exclusive disjunction (XOR gate).
Division (A/B)
Mathematical division
Integer Division (A\B)
Mathematical integer division
Modulus (Mod)
Divides two numbers and returns only the remainder.
Power (Pow)
Raise a value to a power.
Absolute (Abs)
Compute the absolute of a value.
Negative (Neg)
Compute the negative of a value.


Average (Avr)
Solve the arithmetic average for a set of items
Blur Numbers (NBlur)
Blur a list of numbers by averaging neighbours
Complex Argument (Arg)
Get the argument of a Complex number
Complex Components (Complex)
Extract the Real and Imaginary components from a complex number
Complex Conjugate (z*)
Create the conjugate of a Complex number
Complex Modulus (CMod)
Get the modulus of a Complex number
Create Complex (Complex)
Create a complex number from a Real and an Imaginary component
Natural logarithm (E)
Returns a factor of the natural number (e).
Epsilon (Eps)
Returns a factor of double precision floating point epsilon.
Extremes (Extrz)
Find the extremes in a list of values
Interpolate data (Interp)
Interpolate a collection of data.
Golden Ratio (Phi)
Returns a factor of the golden ratio (Phi).
Returns a factor of Pi.
Truncate (Trunc)
Perform truncation of numerical extremes
Weighted Average (Wav)
Solve the arithmetic weighted average for a set of items
Round a floating point value.
Maximum (Max)
Return the greater of two items.
Minimum (Min)
Return the lesser of two items.


ArcCosine (ACos)
Compute the angle whose cosine is the specified value.
ArcSine (ASin)
Compute the angle whose sine is the specified value.
ArcTangent (ATan)
Compute the angle whose tangent is the specified value.
Cosine (Cos)
Compute the cosine of a value
CoSecant (Csc)
Compute the co-secant (reciprocal of the Sine) of an angle.
CoTangent (Cot)
Compute the co-tangent (reciprocal of the Tangent) of an angle.
Secant (Sec)
Compute the secant (reciprocal of the Cosine) of an angle.
Sine (Sin)
Compute the sine of a value
Compute the sinc (Sinus Cardinalis) of a value.
Tangent (Tan)
Compute the tangent of a value
Degrees (Deg)
Convert an angle specified in radians to degrees
Radians (Rad)
Convert an angle specified in degrees to radians
Right Trigonometry (RTrig)
Right triangle trigonometry
Generate the triangle centroid from medians.
Circumcentre (CCentre)
Generate the triangle circumcentre from perpendicular bisectors.
Incentre (ICentre)
Generate the triangle incentre from angle bisectors.
Orthocentre (OCentre)
Generate the triangle orthocentre from altitudes.
Triangle Trigonometry (Trig)
Generic triangle trigonometry


Construct Domain² (Dom²)
Create a two-dimensional domain from two simple domains.
Construct Domain (Dom)
Create a numeric domain from two numeric extremes.
Deconstruct Domain² (DeDom2)
Deconstruct a two-dimensional domain into its component parts
Deconstruct Domain (DeDomain)
Deconstruct a numeric domain into its component parts.
Divide Domain² (Divide)
Divides a two-dimensional domain into equal segments.
Divide Domain (Div)
Divide a domain into equal segments.
Find Domain (FDom)
Find the first domain that contains a specific value
Includes (Inc)
Test a numeric value to see if it is included in the domain
Consecutive Domains (Consec)
Create consecutive domains from a list of numbers
Bounds (Bnd)
Create a numeric domain which encompasses a list of numbers.
Bounds 2D (Bnd)
Create a numeric two-dimensional domain which encompasses a list of coordinates.
Remap Numbers (ReMap)
Remap numbers into a new numeric domain


Log N (LogN)
Return the N-base logarithm of a number.
Power of 10 (10º)
Raise 10 to the power of N.
Power of 2 (2º)
Raise 2 to the power of N.
Compute the cube of a value
Cube Root (Cbrt)
Compute the cube root of a value
Power of E (Eº)
Raise E to the power of N.
Logarithm (Log)
Compute the Base-10 logarithm of a value.
One Over X (1/x)
Compute one over x.
Square (Sqr)
Compute the square of a value
Square Root (Sqrt)
Compute the square root of a value


Combine Date & Time (CDate)
Combine a pure date and a pure time into a single date
Construct Date (Date)
Construct a date and time instance.
Construct Exotic Date (DateEx)
Construct a date using a specific calendar
Construct Smooth Time (SmTime)
Construct a time instance from smooth components
Construct Time (Time)
Construct a time instance
Date Range (RDate)
Create a range of successive dates or times
Deconstruct Date (DDate)
Deconstruct a date into years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds
Interpolate Date (IntDate)
Interpolate between two dates or times.


Construct Matrix (Matrix)
Construct a matrix from initial values
Deconstruct Matrix (DeMatrix)
Deconstruct a matrix into its component parts
Invert Matrix (MInvert)
Invert a matrix
Swap Columns (SwapC)
Swap two columns in a matrix
Swap Rows (SwapR)
Swap two rows in a matrix
Transpose Matrix (Transpose)
Transpose a matrix (swap rows and columns)


GhPython Script (Python)
GhPython provides a Python script component
Evaluate (Eval)
Evaluate an expression with a flexible number of variables.
Evaluate an expression
C# Script (C#)
A C#.NET scriptable component
VB Script (VB)
A VB.NET scriptable component

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