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ADDON. Version 0.4.0. Released on 2020-01-31. Provides 50 components. Created by Kiwi!3D Team. Features 4 video tutorials.
Kiwi!3D enables the integration of Isogeometric Analysis (IGA). The special characteristic of IGA lies in the usage of Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines (NURBS) as basis functions for the Finite Elements. Hence it allows to run simulations directly on NURBS without the need of meshing. Kiwi!3D includes a isogeometric Shell, Membrane, Beam and Cable element. It is able to handle Trimmed Surfaces as well as Coupled Patches (multi-surface models). You can run Linear as well as geometrically Non-linear Structural Analysis problems. Also it includes Form Finding for tensile structures (Updated Reference Strategy).


Beam Element
Curve to Structural Element Beam
Cable Element
Curve to Structural Element Cable
Connecting Point
Coupling Point Axis
Coupling Features
Coupling Features
Curve Refinement
Refinement of Curve Patches
Membrane Element
Membrane Settings
Advanced Settings for Membrane Element
Prestress Properties Beam
Prestress Properties for Beam Element
Section Axis
Orientation of Cross Section Axis
Box Section
Box Section
Pipe Section
Pipe Section
Sliding Point
Surface Refinement
Refinement for 2D Nurbs IGA Element
Material Defaults
Material Default Settings
Reference Geometry
Add a Reference Geometry
Section by Numbers
Define Section by Numbers
Deconstruct Section
Deconstruct Section in single values
Section from Profile
Define Section by Profile
Shell Element


Control Polygon
Displays Control Polygon of NURBS Geometry
Duplicate Brep
Duplicates breps to use them for several structural elements
Duplicate Curve
Duplicates curves to use them for several structural elements
List Find Line
Modify Model
Unit Converter
Converts units
Licence Information


1D Element Result View
Display of 1D Element Results
Deformed Model
Displays Deformed Model
Support Forces
Support Force Display
2D Element Result Colour Plot
Display of 2D Element Results with Coloured Plot
2D Element Results
Display of Results Values of 2D Element


Curve Displacement
Forced Displacement of Curve
Point Displacement
Forced Displacement of Point
Support Curve
Curve Support
Support Edge
Edge Support
Support Point
Point Support


Load Displ Curve
Load-Displacement Curve
Curve Load
Curve Load
Point Load
Point Load
Surface Load
Surface Load
Load Case Check
Shows the actual loads for a given time step


Visualize Options
Visualize Options for the Analysis Model
IGA Solver
Solve Isogeometric Analysis Model
Deconstruct Model
Deconstruct Kiwi Analysis Model
Analysis Model
Assemble Isogeometric Analysis Model


Non-Linear Analysis
Non-Linear Analysis Task
Formfinding Task
Linear Analysis
Linear Analysis Task

Video Tutorials

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