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Options for curve division by segments.


Division MethodMAn integer parameter for different division methods options: 0 = RoundNumberUp 1 = RoundNumberDown 2 = StartFromCorners 3 = StartFromCornersAdaptive 4 = StartFromMiddle 5 = StartFromMiddleAdaptive Default is 0.Text
Include EndsEWhether or not to include the start and end points of the input curve.Boolean
Include Inner CornersCWhether or not to include the inner corners of the input curve.Boolean
Points on First and Last SegmentsSWhether or not to divide the first and the last segments of the input curve.Boolean
Offset From EndsOeOffset the points from the ends of the input curves.Number
Offset From Inner CornersOcOffset the points from the inner corners of the input curves.Number


Curve Divide OptionsOOptions to use during curve division.Curve Divide Options

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