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Get horizontal cutting lines of multiple breps.


Breps to JoinB2JBreps that are seperate but should actually be joined together in the drawings. (Such as some of the walls etc.)Brep
Unjoined BrepsBXJBreps that are seperate and should remain seperate in the drawings as well. (Such as windows and doors etc.)Brep
Cutting Plane Location PointPtThe cutting plane location point.Point
Drawing Location PlanePlLocation of the drawing. This input is a plane. But if you will place the drawing on the XY-Plane, you can pass in a point.Plane


Joined Brep CurvesJCJoined brep curves oriented to the plane.Curve
Seperate CurvesSCSeperate brep curves oriented to the plane.Curve
Joined Breps (Walls?)WWall breps oriented to the plane.Brep
Area Breps (Rooms?)AArea breps oriented to the plane.Brep

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