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Data necessary for staircase design


UnitUUnit of dimensions. If a unit is given, and nothing else is passed in, then a default design data is constructed. Millimeters = 0, Centimeters = 1, Decimeters = 2, Meters = 3, Inches = 4, Default is Centimeters.Text
Max Riser HeightRMaximum allowable riser height for the stairs.Number
Min Tread WidthTMinimum required tread width for the stairs.Number
Shortest Tread Edge LengthSMinimum allowable tread width at the edges of each tread.Number
Formula Lower LimitLChange the lower limit of the function: "2a + b".Number
Correction CountCNumber of correction loops to perform.Number
Ignore FormulaFIgnore FormulaBoolean
Allow Changing CurveAIf it is allowed to extend or trim curves when necessary.Boolean


Stair Design DataDNecessary data for staircase designStair Design Data

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