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Construct a material section object comprised of multiple material profiles and has plane data. Material data inside these objects is for making the process of baking multiple objects to different layers easier. The plane data is for making it easier to produce, orient and use the profile curves in different ways.


Material ProfilesMPProfile curves with material data. This can also be closed planar curves.GH_MaterialProfile
Reference PlanePlReference plane for operations like orient, sweep and loft. This plane is used for all the material profile objects inside this material section. Even if the material profiles have different planes with different origins, this one will be used instead. (Plane origin location is important because it will be used as a reference point during different operations.)Plane Y-Axis should be the relative upwards vector of the profile curves. Locating all the profile curves on the XY-Plane is advised. If this is the case, you can plug in a reference point to this parameter.Plane
Section NameNName of the material section. (This doesn't do anything for now. But we can add some functionality to this later on.)Text


Material SectionMSMultiple profile curves with different materials and a single reference plane (with reference point as its origin).GH_MaterialSection

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