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Mesh/CurvesMThe open or closed mesh, or closed curves list, to subdivideGeometry
FillStrategyFThe filling strategy

0: Skip. No insertions at the targeted faces.
1: Best. Use the best combination available today.
2: Triangle Fan. A fan of triangles, with an addition center point.
3: Triangle Hand. A series of triangles, all pointing towards vertex zero.
4: Triangle Knit. Triangles start from vertex 0 and follow in rectangular way.
5: Triangle Zigzag. Triangles start from vertex 0 and alternate.
6: Quad Stitch. Lays quads except in last segment if it is odd.
7: Quad Fan. Adds a central point and positions quads every two edges.
Opt-inOApply the tessellation to these faces

0: All Faces. All faces tessellation apply to.
1: Quads And More. All except triangles.
2: Penta And More. All except triangles and quads.
9: Tris. Triangles only.
16: Quads. Quads only.


Output Mesh/CurvesOThe mesh after the subdividing processGeometry

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