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ADDON. Version 2020.6.30.1. Released on 2020-Jun-30. Provides 94 components. Created by Nathan Miller. Features 23 video tutorials.
LunchBox is a collection of computational design tools for Grasshopper and Dynamo. The plugins include new component nodes for managing data and geometry for activities such as generative form making, paneling, rationalization, and interoperability. LunchBox also includes new general-purpose Machine Learning components built on the Accord.NET framework.
Machine Learning


Arc Divide (ArcDivide)
Divides a spline curve into tangent arc segments.
Deconstruct Wireframe (DeWire)
Organizes a wireframe curve structure into nodes and centerlines
Flatness Check (Flat)
Checks the flatness of a quad panel.
Mesh Edges (with Tolerance) (MshEdge)
Finds naked mesh edges and edges between faces greater than a specified angle.
Mesh Reduce (MshReduce)
Reduce mesh polygons to simplify.
Patch Surface (Patch)
Returns a patch surface using a list of edge curves. (Rhino 5 only)
Random Split List (RandomSplit)
Randomly splits a list into two lists.
Rebuild Surface (RebuildSrf)
Rebuilds an untrimmed surface using U and V parameters.
Relative Coordinates (Relative)
Returns coordinates of a point relative to a plane.
Reverse Surface Direction (RevSrf)
Reverse the UV directions of a surface.
Sort Duplicate Breps (Sort Brep)
Sort a list of Breps based on duplicates.
Sort Duplicate Curves (Sort Crv)
Sort a list of curves based on duplicates using document tolerances.
Sort Duplicate Points (Sort Pts)
Sort a list of points based on duplicates.
Sort Duplicate Values (Sort Val)
Sort a list of numbers or strings based on duplicates.
Unroll Brep (Unroll)
Unroll a brep or surface.
RTree Closest Point (RTree CP)
Find the closest point in an RTree from search points
Create RTree (RTree)
Creates a searchable RTree
RTree Points in Range (RTree Range)
Find points in an RTree within range of search points

Machine Learning

Codify Data
Codify data to be used in various classifier models.
Load Model
Deserialize a model from a saved file (*.bin)
Gaussian Mixture (GaussianMix)
Solver for Gaussian Mixture models.
Confusion Matrix Properties (Confusion Matrix)
This component exposes the properties of a General Confusion Matrix
Hidden Markov Model (HiddenMark)
Solver for Hidden Markov Model problems.
K-Means Clustering (K-Means)
Solver for K-Means Clustering.
Linear Regression (LineReg)
Solver for linear regression problems.
Logistic Regression (LogReg)
Solver for Logistic regression problems.
Multivariate Linear Regression (MultiLineReg)
Solver for multivariate linear regression problems.
Naive Bayes Classification Tester
This component tests an adaptive naive bayes classifier.
Naive Bayes Classification Trainer
This component trains an adaptive naive bayes classifier algorithm based on a training data set.
Neural Network Tester
Test a solution using a trained neural network solver.
Neural Network Trainer
This component uses the resilient backpropagation (RProp) learning algorithm to train neural networks.
Restricted Boltzmann Machine (ResBoltz)
Solver for Restricted Boltzmann machines.
Nonlinear Regression (NonlineReg)
Solver for nonlinear regression problems using Sequential Minimal Optimization.
Kernel SVM Tester (SVM Tester)
This component tests an kernel-based Support Vector Machine (SVM) classifier.
Kernel SVM Trainer (SVM Trainer)
This component trains a kernel-based Support Vector Machine (SVM) on an input training data set.
Neural Network Testing (Neural Network Tester)
Test a solution using a trained neural network solver.


Enneper Surface (Enneper)
Create a parametric Enneper surface.
Helicoid Surface (Helicoid)
Create a parametric Helicoid surface.
Klein Surface (Klein)
Create a parametric Klein surface.
Mobius Surface (Mobius)
Create a parametric Mobius surface.
Hyperbolic Paraboloid (Paraboloid)
Create a parametric paraboloid surface.
Conoid Surface (Conoid)
Create Plucker's Conoid surface.
3D Supershape (3DSupershape)
Create a parametric 3D supsershape
Torus Surface (Torus)
Create a parametric torus surface.
Platonic Cube (PlatoCube)
Create a parametric cube with a truncation parameter.
Platonic Dodecahedron (PlatoDodec)
Create a dodecahedron.
Platonic Icosahedron (PlatoIcosa)
Create a parametric icosahedron with a truncation parameter.
Platonic Octahedron (PlatoOcta)
Create a parametric octrahedron with a truncation parameter.
Platonic Tetrahedron (PlatoTetra)
Create a parametric tetrahedron with a truncation parameter.


Create Chart (Chart)
Creates a saveable Winform chart.
Create Data Grid (DataGrid)
Creates a Data Grid view of data. Data can be saved as CSV file.
Create DataSet (DataSet)
Create a DataSet
Create DataTable (DataTable)
Create a DataTable
Create CSV (CSV)
Create a CSV string
Read CSV (CSV)
Read a CSV string. (Comma Separated Value)
Convert JSON to XML (JSON-XML)
Converts a JSON string to XML.
Create XML (XML)
Create XML from a DataSet
Read XML by Tag (XML)
Read XML data by tag.
Convert XML to JSON (XML-JSON)
Converts a XML string to JSON
Create JSON (JSON)
Create JSON from a DataSet


Diamond Panels (Diamond)
Creates diamond panels on a surface.
Diamond Grid (DGrid)
Creates a diamond corner point grid on a surface.
Hexagon Cells (Hex)
Creates hexagonal cells on surface.
Quad Panels (Quads)
Creates quadrangular panels on a surface
Quad Grid (QGrid)
Creates a quad corner point grid on a surface.
Random Quad Panels (QuadRand)
Creates randomly staggered quad panels on a surface
Staggered Quad Panels (QuadStag)
Creates staggered quad panels on a surface.
Skewed Quads (SQuads)
Creates 'skewed' quadrangular panels on a surface
Triangular Panels A (TriA)
Creates triangular panels on a surface.
Triangle Panels B (TriB)
Creates triangular panels on a surface.
Triangle Panels C (TriC)
Creates triangular panels on a surface.


Object Bake (Bake)
Bake objects to a layer in the active Rhino document.
Create Layers (Layer)
Create a list of layers in Rhino.
Excel Reader (ExcelRead)
Reads an open Excel file.
Excel Write (ExcelWrite)
Write to an open Excel file.
Launch Application (LaunchApp)
Launch an external application or file
Layer Information (Layer Info)
Get layer information from the current document.
Layer Reference (Layer Ref)
Reference geometry on layers with GUIDs and Names.
Rhino Command (RhCOM)
Sends a command to the Rhino command-line.
Object Save (Save)
Saves geometry to a specified file location.


Braced Grid 1-D Structure (GridBraced1D)
Creates a 1-Direction braced grid structure on a surface.
Braced Grid 2-D Structure (GridBraced2D)
Creates a 2-Direction braced grid structure on a surface.
Diagrid Structure (Diagrid)
Creates a diagrid structure on a surface.
Grid Structure (Grid)
Creates a simple grid structure on a surface.
Hexagonal Structure (Hex)
Creates a hexagonal structure on a surface.
Space Truss Structure 1 (SpaceTruss 1)
Creates a space truss structure on a surface.
Space Truss Structure 2 (SpaceTruss 2)
Creates a space truss structure using two driver surfaces
2D Truss (Truss)
Creates a 2-D Truss using a set of edge curves.


Attractor (Attract)
Generates a attractor values using lists of attractors and targets.
Attractor Wave (AttWave)
Generates a wave attractor effect using lists of attractors and targets.
Constant Quad Subdivide (ConstQuad)
Subdivides a triangular panel into quadrangular cells
Panel Frame (Frame)
Creates an offset frame using a panel.
Subdivide Quad (QuadSub)
Subdivides a quad into self-similar cells.
Subdivide Triangle (TriSub)
Subdivides a triangle into self-similar cells.

Video Tutorials

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