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Search the RCSB Protein DataBase for matching Amino Acis sequences and the address of a corresponding .pdb file.


TextAAContains a collection of text fragmentsString
Sequence Match PercentageS%Contains a collection of floating point numbersNumber
Length Match PercentageL%Contains a collection of floating point numbersNumber
Hit IndexiOptional hit index, if you would like to choose a particular result, if you would like to select a particular protein. If left empty, the highest scoring match withing the specified length threshold will be selected.StructurePath
Open Web PageWIf set to True a web page will open in the default browser showing more infomation on the selected protein on the RCSB site. If no match is found, the user is directed to Robetta, a site where the structure of the sequence can be predicted (requires account login and (typically many hours) to process.Boolean


PDB URLPDBURL on of the .pdb file associated with the matching protein.String
All ProteinsMBest matching protein accorning to scores, and length, and/or selection. 0 = Hit Index, 1 = ID, 2 = Score, 3 = LengthGoo
All ProteinsAAll matching proteins provided by RCSB. 0 = Hit Index, 1 = ID, 2 = Score, 3 = LengthGoo
Web View MessageWmessage output regarding web viewGoo

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