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Fitness Value Graphs

Plot the Fitness Values for each individual per generation for data exported from Octopus


Base PlanePlaneSet the origin plane of your graph. If no input provided, graph will be located at World 0,0,0Goo
Size of ChartScaleInput a value to change the size of the chartGoo
Fitness Values Per BranchFitness ValuesInput the Fitness Values extracted from the evolutionary algorithm. The fitness values for each objective must be structures within its own branch.Goo
How Many Individuals per GenerationGeneration Size?How many individuals are there in a single generation?Goo
...-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --Represents a cluster input parameterGoo
Names of Fitness CriteriaFC NamesInput the name of each fitness criteria as a single listGoo
...-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --Represents a cluster input parameterGoo
Select Criteria to AnalyseCriteria to AnalyseSelect the criteria to be plotted and analysedInteger
Toggle to Inverse Fitness ObjectiveInverse Fitness CriteriaTogge to inverse fitness objective. 1 = Inverse / 0 = Do not inverseGoo
...-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --Represents a cluster input parameterGoo
Select a Generation to HighlightSelect GenerationSelect a generation to highlight StructurePath
Select Individual to HighlightSelect SolutionSelect the individual in the selected generation to be highlightedInteger
...-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --Represents a cluster input parameterGoo
Cull Boundary SolutionsCull Boundary SolutionsDelete the solutions that have either the largest or smallest Fitness ValuesInteger
Toggle Between Largest or Smallest Fitness ValueToggle to Cull Largest or Smallest FVToggle to select whether you want to cull a solution with the largest Fitness Values (TRUE), or a solution with the smallest Fitness Values (FALSE)Integer


Read meRead meInformation about the componentString
Fitness Value CurvesFV CurvesConnect to 'Crv' paramater to display the fitness value curve per generationCurve
Curve of the Selected GenerationSelected GenerationConnect to 'Crv' paramater to extract the curve of the selected generationGoo
Mesh of the Selected IndividualSelected IndividualConnect to 'Mesh' paramater to extract the mesh of the selected individualGoo
The Location of the Solutions That Have Been CulledLocation of Culled SolutionsSpecifies the generation and individual number that have been culledGoo
Graph BaseGraph BaseConnect to 'Geo' paramater to display the graph backgroundGeometricGoo

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