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Analyses the data generated from the 'Wallacei_Parallel Coordinate Plot' component by comparing the fitness values across the different fitness criteria


Parallel Coordinate AnalysisAnalysis Data (PC)Analysis the data generated from the 'Wallacei_Parallel Coordinate Plot' ComponentGoo
...-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --Represents a cluster input parameterGoo
Select Analysis MethodAnalysis MethodInput value to choose between four different analysis methods. 0 = Repeated Fitness Values / 1 = Solutions with Repeated Fitness Values // 2 = Relative Difference Between Fitness Ranks // 3 = Average of Fitness RankGoo
Select Analysis ItemAnalysis ItemFilter through the different analysis methodsGoo
Show Text Box DataShow DataBoolean Toggle to hide data text boxInteger


Read meRead meInformation about the componentString
Analysis Solution CurvesAnalysis Solution(s)Outputs the solutiuon curves representing the selected analysis methodGoo
Analyis Solution DataAnalysis DataOutputs the information of the solution being analysedString

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