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Displays the objective space of the fitness values of the solutions.


Base PointBase PtSelect the origin point of your graph. If no input provided, graph will be located at 0,0Goo
Size of ChartScaleInput a value to change the size of the chartGoo
Fitness Values Per BranchFitness ValuesInput the Fitness Values extracted from the evolutionary algorithm. The fitness values for each objective must be structures within its own branch.Goo
How Many Individuals per GenerationGeneration Size?How many individuals are there in a single generation?Goo
...-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --Represents a cluster input parameterGoo
Names of Fitness CriteriaFC NamesInput the name of each fitness criteria as a single listGoo
Size of box representing each solutionCube SizeInsert a number that will define the size of the cubes representing the solutions in the objective spaceGoo
...-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --Represents a cluster input parameterGoo
Delete Boundary SolutionsCull Boundary SolutionsDelete the solutions that are on the boundary of the solution space that are negatively affecting the remapped domain of the objective spaceGoo
...-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --Represents a cluster input parameterGoo
Select a GenerationSelect GenerationSelect the generation number that the solution you want lies withinGoo
Select a solutionSelect SolutionSelect the solution you want to visualiseInteger


Read meRead meInformation about the componentString
Fitness Values for Pareto Front ComponentFitness Values (OS)Outputs the Fitness values to be inputted into the Pareto Front CopmponentGoo
Objective Space Solution MeshesSolution MeshesBoxes representing the solutions in the objective spaceMesh
Selected SolutionSelected SolutionSphere representing the selected solutionMesh
Base GraphBase GraphThe base graph of the analysisGoo

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