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Wallacei X is an evolutionary and analytic engine that gives users full control over their evolutionary simulations within one single user interface (purple logo indicates there is stored data within the component).


GenesGenesVariables (number sliders and/or genepools). Rename the sliders/genepools with prefix wlc_ for automated selection. Number
ObjectivesObjectivesFitness objectives. Rename the fitness objectives with prefix wlc_ for automated selection.String
DataDataAny data type to be saved for every solution in the population (it is recomended only numerical data is inputted to avoid CPU overload causing grasshopper/rhino to crash).Goo
PhenotypePhenotypeThe phenotypes that will be exported from within the solver (phenotypes can be inputted after running the simulation). This input can accept any data type.Goo


Wallacei GenomesWGenomesThis outputs the genomes of all solutions in the population. Decode the genomes via Decode Genome componentGoo
Fitness ValuesFitness ValuesThis outputs the fitness values of all solutions in the population.Number
DataDataThis outputs the inputted data of all solutions in the population.Goo
PhenotypesWPhenotypesThis outputs the phenotypes of the exported solutions in the population. Decode the phenotypes via Decode Phenotypes componentGoo

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