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Print Curve with Blob and Drool - Filament

extrudes a given amount of filament (Blob) at each point and a modified amount of filament (Drool) in between points.


Curve GeometryCrvinput curve to traceGoo
Primary config for 3DP_FCOptional configuration for 3D printing with filament. Direct entries will override these config entries.Goo
blob ammount (E mm)Blbmm of filament to extrude at each "blob" pointGoo
drool factorDrlratio of normal print extrusion rateNumber
Z Clearance HeightZCPrinter will move up to this height before making travel moves between curves. Set to 0 or a negative number to disable this feature.Number
start and end g codeSEBoolean input to determine wether or not to add the start and end g code needed to intiate and end a print. You may also adda customized start and end gcode sequences from the Start G Code and the End G Code components.Goo


G CodeGCComplete g code for printing a single wall model with no infillGoo
PointPtContains a collection of three-dimensional pointsPoint
Printer Lines as polylinesPlpolyline describing the path traveled by the printer.Curve
Total Filament Extruded (mm)FResult of mass additionGoo

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