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Slice Walls with Infill Compound

Slices geometry and offsets perimeters by 1/2 the extrusion witdth. External cuves are offset to the inside, and internal curves are offset out. There are a number of checks that attempt to fix the bugs in the Rhino/GH offset command.


GeometryExGContains a collection of generic geometryGeometricGoo
GeometryInGContains a collection of generic geometryGeometricGoo
XY Tolereance or or Xylinus ConfigXYXY ToleranceGoo
layer height or or Xylinus ConfigLHlayer height to determine Z spacing of slices.Goo
extrusion width or Xylinus ConfigEWinput either the extrusion width in mm, or a Xlinus ConfigGoo
Perimenter Wall CountWnumber of solid perimeter walls to printInteger
Infill Ratio (0-1)ISet the density of the infill from 0 (none) to 1 solid).Number


CurveCrvContains a collection of generic curvesCurve
perimeters and infilll as polylinesPlperimeters and infilll as polylinesCurve
PerimetersPperimeter walls as polylinesGoo
InfillIinfill as polylinesGoo

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