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Generate the G Code and synch it with the projected slices


SlicesSlContains a collection of generic geometryGeometricGoo
DLP ConfigCContains a collection of generic dataGoo
Start / StopS"True" will begin the print. "False" will end the print and cancle any remaining print.Boolean
pausePContains a collection of boolean valuesBoolean
safe viewSVif set to "True" cross sections will be projected in red, which does not activate some resinsInteger
start and end g codeSEBoolean input to determine wether or not to add the start and end g code needed to intiate and end a print. You may also adda customized start and end gcode sequences from the Start G Code and the End G Code components.Goo


Print ReportRResult of mergeGoo
G Code StreamGCgcode being sent to the printer via FireFlyGoo

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