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ADDON. Version 0.99.1. Released on 2017-Nov-04. Provides 119 components. Created by Daniel Gonzalez Abalde. Features 1 video tutorials.
Peacock is a free-culture project for the development of the algorithmic jewelry modeling in the Grasshopper/Rhinoceros 3d environment. It allows to create parametric jewels, generative collections, automated productions, customized tools, optimize costs, and explore new aesthetics and advanced solutions for jewelry design.


Brep closest point (BrepCP)
Find the closest point on a brep
Brep topology (Topology)
Get the complete topology of a brep
Cap custom
Cover a closed curve
Closest geometry
Find the geometry closest to a point
Curve array 2d
Create an array 2d of geometry along a curve
Curve Discontinuities
Find all discontinuities along a curve above an angle of tolerance
Extend surface (ExtendSrf)
Extend a edge of a surface
Extrude from point (ExtFromPt)
Extrude a curve from a point
Extrusion both sides
Extrude a curve or surface in both sides along a vector
Fillet polyline
Round the corners of a polyline
Fit curves
Match multiple curves by adjusting their direction and seam
Flip plane
Flip a plane by reversing the Z axis
Flow along curve (Flow)
Re-aligns objects from a base curve to a target curve.
Flow along surface (FlowSrf)
Deforms an object from a source surface to a target surface.
Divide a curve into planes oriented from a geometry
Grid On Surface (GridOnSrf)
Place a grid on a surface
Hollow thickness (HollowThk)
Subtracts a hollow specifying the thickness
Interpolate frames
Interpolate a collection of frames over a curve
Interpolate planes (IntPlns)
Interpolate a collection of planes
Extracts an isocurve from a surface specifying position and direction
Extract an isoparametric subset of a surface from the middle of the trim
Like an emboss (Emboss)
Make a embossment on a surface
Mesh topology
Get the complete topology of a mesh
Move from geometry
Move a collection of points from the nearest projection in a geometry
Offset On Surface Variable (OffsetOnSrfVariable)
Offset a curve on a surface with variable distances
Offset Variable
Offsets a curve with a range of values
Rasterize (Raster)
Rasterize an image transforming black pixels in curve regions
Rebuild surface
Rebuild a surface proportionally to its size
Resize a geometry
Reverse Surface (ReverseSrf)
Reverse parameter's domain of a surface
Seam from point
Adjust the seam of a closed curve from a point
Shatter Variable
Shatter a curve into segments of given size
Shell curve (Shell)
Creates a solid with the interior subtracted from a closed planar curve
Measures the size of the bounding box of a geometry
Split & mirror (Split&Mirror)
Split and mirror a brep with a plane
Surface Offset Solid (SrfOffsetSolid)
Offsets a surface creating a closed brep
Text by curve
Draw text as surfaces over a rail curve
Creates a texture with an image on a surface
Trim from middle
Trim a curve from the middle position of the trim and its length
Try get circle (Get circle)
Try to convert a curve into a circle
Tween multiple curves (TweenMulti)
Tween between multiple curves
Represents the operation of Rhino's unrolling.


Create a bezel for a gem
Create a brilliant gem from a circle
Cabuchon studio (Cabuchon)
Creator of cabuchons
Channel On Surface (ChannelSrf)
Create a channel on a surface
Creates a channel for gems from a curve on a surface
Cutter soft
Create a simple seamless cutter
Create a cutter on a gem
Cutters In Line 0
Create a cutter through a list of gems
Cutters In Line 1
Create cross cutters to a line of gems
Cutters In Line 2
Create cross cutters between gems
Gallery rails
Create gallery rails in a gem
Gems by 2 curves (Gems2Curves)
Create gems between two curves
Gems by curve (GemsByCurve)
Create gems in a rail curve
Gems studio (Gems)
Creator of gems
Pave random (PaveRnd)
Creates a brilliant cut pave on a surface (Kangaroo 0.99 required)
Prong simple
Create a simple prong from a plane
Prongs along gems rail
Create prongs between gems on rail
Create vertical prongs around a gem


Constrain a number within a domain
Dispatch Indices
Dispatch the items of a list into two target list using indices
Insert in Tree
Inserts elements in a tree branch
Remaps a list of values where their sum total is a given value
Find the nearest number under or above a given value comparing it with a list of allowed values
Next item
Shift a list to operate with the next item
Normalize a list of numbers
Range Arc
Creates a range of numbers in the arc function
Range Gaussian
Creates a range of numbers in the Gaussian function
Range Random
Creates a range of numbers in the Random midpoint displacement algorithm
Range Sigmoid
Creates a range of numbers in the Sigmoid function.
Range Sine
Creates a range of numbers in the composite sine function
Shift paths
Shift -1 in all data tree paths
Split domain
Split a domain using numbers
Split domain²
Split an UV domain using numbers
Symmetry numbers
Create a list of numbers that is symmetrical to another from a given value


Arm gauge (Arm)
Create half gauge for ring creation
Create a circle using a size of a regional system of gauge
Resize ring
Adjust the finger size of a ring
Ring base
Create a basic ring
Ring by curves (Ring curves)
Creates a ring with a frontal and side curves
Ring half round (Half Ring)
Creates a half round ring
Ring Profile
Create a ring using a profile curve
Ring Signet
Create a ring with a curve for the signet
Size to radius (SizeToRadius)
Converts the size of a regional system to his radius.
Size to size (SizeToSize)
Converts the size in a regional system to another regional system


Profile 2Arcs
Contains a cluster of Grasshopper components
Profile Gem
Extract a gem profile and add useful openings as a cutter
Profile Grooves
Contains a cluster of Grasshopper components
Profile HalfRound
Contains a cluster of Grasshopper components
Profile HalfRoundTruncated
Contains a cluster of Grasshopper components
Profile n-Bezier
Contains a cluster of Grasshopper components
Profile Ovoid
Contains a cluster of Grasshopper components
Profile Track
Create a profile of track and edges


Organic model of an arm
Organic model of a bust
Display sizes
Displays the size of gems
Organic model of an ear
Contains a collection of polygon meshes
Gem preview
Preview gems choosing the color.
Metal preview
Preview metals


Calculate the cost of your production
You can open the cluster for editing
Generates pseudo-random values in a domain and writes on a branch with a path value of the seed
Market price (Market)
Daily price of gold, silver, platinum and palladium in euro / gram in the London market (LBMA)
Organize the distribution of geometry in a base rectangle
Timekeeper (Time)
Time counter. Requires Timer component (1 second interval).
Tree wax
Create a tree and place geometry at the ends of branches
Calculates the weight in grams selecting a metal alloy


Create a simple animation from a guide curve.
Curvature analysis (Curvature)
Analyzes surface curvature
Direction analysis (Direction)
Analyzes the direction of geometry
Slice a geometry to get a section
Thickness analysis (Thickness)
Analyzes the thickness of a mesh
Thickness dynamic (Thk dynamic)
Measures the thickness manually using points


Creates a calotte to pearl
Creates a chain from a link and guide curves
Creates a filigree with guide and profile curves
Creates a milgrain with a geometry through a curve
Pipe Custom
Create a pipe with multiple sections

Video Tutorials

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