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01 | Spawn Types
02 | Initialize
03 | Behaviors
04 | Forces
05 | Engine
06 | Display

Noise Mapped

2D Improved Perlin Noise with image color sampling override for any behavior attribute


ScaleSInput value specifying the noise scaleNumber
StrengthSTInput value specifying the noise strengthNumber
MultiplierMInput value to add a jitter type of movementNumber
VelocityVInput value specifying the noise velocity multiplierNumber
Colored MeshCMInput a color mesh to drive the flocking parametersMesh
Map ScaleMSInput value specifying if you want the scale value to be color drivenBoolean
Map StrengthMSTInput value specifying if you want the strength value to be color drivenBoolean
Map MultiplierMMInput value specifying if you want the multiplier value to be color drivenBoolean


Noise BehaviorSBThe noise behavior data structureGeneric Data

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