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Colibri 2.0
TT Tools


Create a shiny material for meshes


ColorCDiffuse color of the materialColour
Ambient Color[aC]Ambient color of the material, multiplied by the color of the ambient light in the scene. Default is blackColour
Emissive Color[eC]Emissive (light) color of the material, essentially a solid color unaffected by other lighting. Default is black.Colour
Specular Color[sC]Specular color of the material, i.e., how shiny the material is and the color of its shine. Setting this the same color as the diffuse value (times some intensity) makes the material more metallic-looking; setting this to some gray makes the material look more plastic. Default is dark gray.Colour
Shininess[S]How shiny the specular highlight is; a higher value gives a sharper highlight. Default is 30Number
[Opacity][O]Number in the range of 0.0 - 1.0 indicating how transparent the material is. A value of 0.0 indicates fully transparent, 1.0 is fully opaque.Number


Mesh MaterialMmMesh Material. Feed this into the Spectacles Mesh component.Generic Data

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