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Colibri 2.0
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Draw 3D members given centerlines


Output MeshMTrue for Mesh, False for BrepBoolean
Beam RailCBeam CenterlineCurve
Section Name or CurveSName of steel shape section or closed planar shape curveGeneric Data
JustificationJBeam justification to centerline (Supported for Section Name only) 0 = Top Left 1 = Top Center 2 = Top Right 3 = Center Left 4 = Centroid 5 = Center Right 6 = Bottom Left 7 = Bottom Center 8 = Bottom RightInteger
RotationRBeam rotation in degreesInteger
Sweep PlaneSPCross section draws on this plane. (AP has priority over SP)Plane
Align PlaneAPCross section x-axis aligns to this plane. (AP has priority over SP)Plane


Breps or MeshesBreps/MeshesBrep/Mesh of selected shape swept on beam centerlinesGeneric Data
Section ProfilesSectionsCross section at centerline perpendicular plane or provided planeCurve

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