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Add specific parts to an aggregation.
--> WIP Component: might be incomplete or contain bugs <--
Provided by Wasp 0.2


AGGRAGGRAggregation to editGoo
PIDPIDID of the parent partGoo
CIDCIDID of the parent connectionGoo
NEXTNEXTIndex of the next part among the available onesGoo
CHECKCHECKOPTIONAL // True to check for the constraints set in the aggregation, False to return all possibilities ignoring constraints (True by default)Goo
ADDADDAdd the part to the aggregationGoo
RESETRESETReset the aggregation to the initial stateGoo


AGGR_OUTAGGR_OUTEdited aggregation objectGoo
C_PARTC_PARTParent partGoo
C_CONNC_CONNParent connectionGoo
NEXT_PNEXT_PPart to be addedGoo

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