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Create a Wasp Part with additional constraints (supports, additional colliders)
Provided by Wasp 0.2


NAMENAMEPart nameGoo
GEOGEOPart geometry. It will be converted to mesh - to improve performance, perform the conversion before adding to the part and user a low-poly countGoo
CONNCONNConnections listGoo
COLLCOLLOPTIONAL // Collider geometry (for collision detection). A collider will be automatically generated. For complex parts, automatic generation might not work, and you can add a custom collider geometry here.Goo
FIELDFIELDOPTIONAL // Field to associate with the part for Field-Driven Aggegation (Needed only when using multiple fields within one aggregation)Goo
HIHIOPTIONAL // Hierarchy: List of parts composing the part at a lower heriarchical level in the aggregationGoo
ATTRATTROPTIONAL // Part attributesGoo
E_COLLE_COLLOPTIONAL // Additional collider geometry (e.g. assembly tool), to be checked in Constrained modeGoo
SUPSUPOPTIONAL // Required supports for part placement, to be checked in Constrained modeGoo


PARTPARTPart instanceGoo

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