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Extract all information stored in a part. Useful for visualization or for further geometry processing
Provided by Wasp 0.2


PARTPARTParts to deconstructGoo


NAMENAMEName of the partGoo
GEOGEOGeometry of the part (as mesh). If Brep geometry is needed, can be stored in the component as attribute, or obtained by transforming the original geometry with the TR output.Goo
CONNCONNPart connectionsGoo
COLLCOLLPart colliderGoo
TRTRTransformation applied to the part. Can be used to transform other geometries in a similar way (eg. replace a low poly component with a more detailed one)Goo
PARENTPARENTParent of the partGoo
CHILDCHILDChildren parts attached to the partGoo
ADD_COLLADD_COLLAdditional collider applied to the partGoo
ATTRATTRPart attributesGoo

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