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ADDON. Version 1.0.0. Released on 2019-04-27. Provides 36 components. Created by Cecilie Brandt. Features 0 video tutorials.
This plugin contains a set of customised Kangaroo2 grasshopper components with the scope of calibrating a number of goals with regard to structural properties. This is particularly useful for the analysis of form-active structures (including cablenets and gridshells) that are typically characterised by their large deformations when subjected to external loads. The underlying position-based dynamics implemented in the Kangaroo2 solver inherently deals with this non-linear behaviour. This means that both form-finding and analysis can be performed within the Grasshopper environment using K2 and K2Engineering.
0 Elements
1 Supports
2 Load
3 Results
4 Display
5 Utility

3 Results

Bar Output (BarOutput)
Extract the output of the Bar goal
Beam Output (BeamOutput)
Extract the output of the Beam goal
Buckling Analysis (Buckling)
Calculate the buckling load factor from a nonlinear load-displacement analysis
Displacements (Displ)
Calculate the nodal displacements
Load Output (LoadOutput)
Extract the output of the Load goal
Pressure Output (PressureOutput)
Extract the output of the pressure goal
Rod Output (RodOutput)
Extract the output of the Rod goal
Calculate the shear values per line segment as the difference in moments at the endpoints [kN]
Extract the output of the 6 DOF Support goal
Support Output (SupportOutput)
Extract the output of the Support goal

2 Load

Bar Length (BLength)
Calculate the length of bars coming into a node
Bar Selfweight (BSelfweight)
Calculate the selfweight of bar elements
A K2 nodal load goal
Mesh Selfweight (MSelfweight)
Calculate the selfweight of a mesh
Mesh Snow Load (MSnow)
Calculate the snow load on a mesh
Mesh Vertex Area (MVArea)
Calculate the voronoi area associated with each vertex of a mesh
Mesh Wind Load (MWind)
Calculate wind load on a mesh
A pressure load goal following the principle of the Ideal Gas Law and with forces perpendicular to the mesh faces

4 Display

Axial Visualisation (AxialDisplay)
Visualise the axial forces with colour and line weight (blue=tension, green=neutral, red=compression)
Bending Visualisation (BendingDisplay)
Visualise the bending stress with colour (blue=low, green=medium, red=high)
Bending Visualisation6DOF (BendingDisplay)
Visualise the 6 DOF beam forces/moments
Displacement Visualisation (DisplVis)
Visualise the nodal displacements by colouring the connected bars
Load Visualisation (LoadDisplay)
Visualise the load on the deformed structure
Shear Visualisation (ShearDisplay)
Visualise the shear forces with colour (blue=low, green=medium, red=high)

5 Utility

Beam Orientation (BeamOrientation)
Compute the start and end plane orientation of a beam element
Circular CS (Circle)
Calculate the cross section properties of a circular shape
Materials (Mat)
List of predefined material properties (use as guidance only)
Pretension (PT)
Calculate pretension distribution in a cablenet
Rectangular CS (Rectangle)
Calculate the cross section properties of a rectangular shape
Transform Moment (TransformMoment)
Transform a moment from one horizontal plane (XY) to another

0 Elements

A goal that represents a bar element with axial stiffness only. It outputs the extended/shortened line geometry, the axial force and stress value (- compression, + tension)
A goal that represents a beam element with biaxial bending and torsion behaviour. WORK IN PROGRESS
A K2 cable element with pre-tension option
A goal that represents an elastic rod with bending stiffness only. It outputs the bending plane, bending moment [kNm] and the bending stress [MPa]

1 Supports

A support with output of reaction force in kN
A 6 DOF support (global coordinate system) with output of reaction force in [kN] and reaction moment in [kNm]

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