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Calculate the buckling load factor from a nonlinear load-displacement analysis


GoalsPGoalsPermanent goals e.g. bar, rod and support goals as FLATTENED listGeneric Data
LoadLGoalsK2Structural load goalsGeneric Data
LFStartLFstartThe start load factorNumber
LFStepLFstepThe load factor step sizeNumber
AnglealfaSpecify the allowed angle deviation between the tangent to the load-displacement curve and vertical in [degrees]Number
DispldMaxSpecify the maximum allowed displacement for a vertex in [m]Number
ThresholdthresThe total kinetic energy threshold to define equilibriumNumber
IterationCountiterSpecify the maximum number of equilibrium iterations for each load incrementInteger
OutputAll?optOutput option. If true, displacements and goal results are output for each load increment. If false, only for the last twoBoolean


BucklingLoadFactorBLFThe buckling load factor [-]Number
LoadFactorsLFLoad factor for each iterationNumber
DisplacementRMSdRMSThe displacements as a RMS value in [m] for each iterationNumber
VertexPositionsVThe vertex positions for each iterationPoint
GoalOutputOThe output from the goals for each iteration. The data structure is identical to the PGoals inputGeneric Data

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