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A 6 DOF support (global coordinate system) with output of reaction force in [kN] and reaction moment in [kNm]


SupportPtptThe support point. By default the support type is set to fully fixedPoint
XFixedXSet to true if the X direction is fixedBoolean
YFixedYSet to true if the Y direction is fixedBoolean
ZFixedZSet to true if the Z direction is fixedBoolean
RXFixedRXSet to true if the rotation about the X axis is fixedBoolean
RYFixedRYSet to true if the rotation about the Y axis is fixedBoolean
RZFixedRZSet to true if the rotation about the Z axis is fixedBoolean
StrengthstrengthThe strength of the supportNumber


Support6DOFGoalSThe 6 DOF support goalGeneric Data

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