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ADDON. Version 1.1.2. Released on 2019-Nov-29. Provides 24 components. Created by Heinz Benjamin. Features 1 video tutorials.
FlexHopper offers very fast, particle-based physics simulation within Grasshopper. It let's you simulate unconstraint particles, fluids, rigid and soft bodies, textile and spring system, inflatables and a combination of all these materials in one scene at unparalleled speed. You can add collision geometry, define custom constraints and emit new particles during runtime. FlexHopper is based on FlexCLI, an open-source C++/CLI interface to access the physics engine NVidia Flex from within the .Net environment. FlexCLI and FlexHopper were developed by myself. It is built against NVidia Flex release 1.1.0 which is patented property of NVidia.


Cloth From Mesh (Cloth)
Constraints: Anchors (Anchor)
Flex anchor by index
Constraint: Shape Matching Constraint (Shape Matching)
Group particles into shapes where they try to remain in their current formation
Constraints: Springs (Springs)
Add spring constraints by particle indices.
Constraints: Triangles (Triangles)
Add triangle constraints by particle indices.
Inflatable From Cloth (Inflatable)
Inflatable from Flex Cloth Object
Particle Fountain (Fountain)
Connect a timer to me and make sure to not be in Lock Mode (Flex Engine component).
Particles From Points (Particles)
Rigid From Mesh (Rigid)
Soft From Mesh (Soft)
Soft params heavily influence computation time when adding soft body to a scene.
Spring System From Lines / Meshes (Springs)


Get All Particles (AllParts)
Get all particles from engine object
Get All Springs (AllSprings)
Get all springs from engine object
Get Particle Description (Particles)
Get Rigid Tranformations (Transform)
Get the transformation matrices of all rigid bodies in the simulation. This includes shape matching constraints in soft bodies.
Get Soft Bodies (Softs)
Get soft bodies from engine object
Get Spring Systems (Springs)
Get all particles that are parts of springs from engine object


Flex Collision Geometry (CollGeometry)
Specifiy static geometry as colliding objects
Flex Force Field (Force Field)
Flex Parameters from values (Parameters)
Set environmental parameters for your simulation. Specify them here.
Flex Parameters from .xml file (Params)
Set environmental parameters for your simulation. Link a .xml file (INFO: Auto update doesn't work yet, so if you change you .xml file you'll have to manually recompute the component.
Flex Scene (Scene)
Create a scene object containing all moving geometry.


Flex Engine (Flex)
Main component
Flex Solver Options (Opts)

Video Tutorials

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