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Soft params heavily influence computation time when adding soft body to a scene.


Soft Body MeshMeshMake sure the meshes are clean and all normals are pointing outward.Mesh
VelocitiesVelInitial velocities per mesh. If one value is supplied it's applied to all particles equally.Vector
MassMassMasses of mesh particles. Supply one value per mesh. The values are applied to EACH particle in the respective mesh. If one value is supplied it's applied to all particles equally.Number
Soft ParamsParamsSupply the following parameters as a number list: 0 Particle spacing 1 Volume sampling (set to zero if mesh is not closed) 2 Surface sampling (good for ensure details in intricate meshes and for open meshes) 3 Cluster spacing (should be at least particle spacing) 4 Cluster radius(should be larger than cluster sampling, otherwise there's no overlap) 5 Cluster stiffness 6 Link radius 7 Link stiffness 8 Global stiffness. If you want the particles to precisely resemble the original mesh vertices (bijective mapping), do not supply the first three values and let the component firgure it out.Number
Group IndexGIndIndex to identify each soft body later on. Each soft body has to have its own unique group index!If you supply multiple meshes you have two different options for the GInd input: 1) Supply one integer index for each mesh 2) Supply one integer index for the first mesh, the others are numbered upwards(if you have more object components in your scene, you'll have to ensure yourself that each GInd is globally unique to the engine)Integer


ParticlesParticlesNewly generated particles as the solver will handle themPoint
Spring IndicesSPIParticle indices forming new springsInteger
Shape Matching Constraint IndicesSMIAll indices in an individual tree branch refer to one shape matching constraintInteger
Spring LinesSLSprings as generated by the soft body component.Line
Shape Matching Constraint Bounding BoxBEach box contains the particles that act within a shape matching constraint.Box
Soft BodiesSoftsConnect to Flex SceneGeneric Data

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