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Flex Collision Geometry

Specifiy static geometry as colliding objects. Flex supports certain objects (Plane, Sphere and Box) more efficiently. If you want to register such objects as collision geometry, use the respective object input rather than meshes.


Collision PlanesPlanesIf you have planes to register, use this input rather than meshes.Plane
Collision SpheresSpheresIf you have spheres to register, use this input rather than meshes.Surface
Collision BoxesBoxesIf you have spheres to register, use this input rather than meshes.Box
Collision MeshesMeshesMake sure the mesh is triangulated and clean. Particles only collide with mesh faces who's normal vectors point away from the particle. E.g. if you want particles to stay outside of the mesh, make all mesh face normals point inward.Mesh
Convex MeshesCMeshesMeshes that are known to be convex are being recognized faster. Add them here. (Currently only supports meshes with up to 64 faces)Mesh


Flex Collision GeometryCollidersFlex Collision GeometryGeneric Data

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