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Agent Rules
Particle Rules
Vehicle Rules


ADDON. Version 0.2. Released on 2015-Jun-16. Provides 44 components. Created by Alex Fischer. Features 17 video tutorials.
Agent-Based Modeling for Designers + A new paradigm for 3D modeling utilizing agents. + Assign forces and behaviors to systems of agents to create interactions. + Utilize any data to drive the system. + Easily debug your system by displaying individual force vectors. + High performance, parallel algorithms, spatial data-structures. + Write your own custom forces, no coding required. + Open source framework for others to build custom behaviors. + Boid forces: Cohese, Separate, Align, & View. + Contain Agents within Brep, Box, Surface, and Polysurface environments. + Forces: Path Follow, Attract, Contain, Surface Flow, Seek, Arrive, Avoid Obstacle, Avoid Unaligned Collision, Sense Image, Sense Point, & more to come. + Behaviors: Bounce Contain, Kill Contain, Initial Velocity, Eat, Set Velocity, & more to come.


Construct Agent
Constructs the settings for an Agent.
Deconstruct Agent
Deconstructs a Agent to expose its fields such as max speed, max force, and vision radius. Use Deconstruct Particle to expose particle fields such as position.
Deconstruct Particle
Deconstructs a Particle to expose its fields such as position, velocity, and acceleration.
Deconstruct Vehicle
Deconstructs a Vehicle to expose its fields such as orientation and wheel fields. Use Deconstruct Particle to expose particle fields such as position.
Engine that runs the simulation.
Get Orientation
Gets the position of a quelea.
Get Particle Position
Gets the position of anything that inherits from Particle.
Get Particle Position History
Gets the position history of anything that inherits from Particle.
Get Particle Velocity
Gets the velocity of anything that inherits from Particle.
Construct Particle
Constructs the settings for a particle.
Represents a self-contained System of Quelea and Emitters.
Construct Vehicle
Constructs settings for a Vehicle

Agent Rules

Align Force
Steer towards the average heading of Neighbors.
Arrive Force
Applies a force to steer the Agent towards a target point and slow down to a stop is it approaches the target point.
Avoid Obstacle Force
Applied a force to steer the Agent away if it is about to intersect with an obstacle.
Avoid Unaligned Collision Force
Applied a force to steer the Agent away from a predicted potential collision.
Cohese Force
Steer to move toward the average position of neighbors
Contain Force
Applies a force to keep Agents away from Environment boundaries.
Eat Behavior
Kills particles that are within its neighborhood. Try setting the neighborhood radius to the Predator's Body Size and the angle to be low, mimicing a mouth on the front of the Predator.
Follow Path Force
Applies a Force to an Agent to move along and stay within a specified radius of a curve.
Seek Force
Applies a force to steer the Agent towards the point.
Separate Force
Applies a force to steer to avoid neighbors.
View Force
Applies a force to move the Agent laterally away from any Agent that blocks its view.
Wander Force
Applies a force that causes the agent to randomly steer in a direction that is based off of its previous direction

Particle Rules

Apply Custom Force
Applied a user specified force vector to the Agent.
Attract Force
Attracts a Quelea within the radius of the pt.
Bounce Contain Behavior
Causes Particles to bounce off Environment boundaries.
Initial Velocity
Applys a one-time force to the Agent when it is first emitted.
Kill Contain Behavior
Kills the particle when it leaves the environment boundaries.
Set Velocity
Sets the particle's velocity to the desired velocity.
Surface Flow Force
Applies a force to simulate water flowing over the surface.


Axis Aligned Box Environment
A world Axis Aligned Box Environment.
Brep Environment
A closed Brep Environment which the particles will interact with.
Polysurface Environment
A 3D Polysurface Environment.
Surface Environment
A Surface Environment upon which the Quelea will map their position for the calculation of Forces.


Box Emitter
Emit Quelea from a box.
Curve Emitter
A curve from which Quelea can be emitted.
Point Emitter
A point from which Quelea can be emitted.
Surface Emitter
A surface from which a quelea can be emitted.


Deconstruct Quelea Network
Deconstructs a Quelea Network into a list of Quelea
Load Image
Loads a bitmap image from a filepath.
Get Neighbors in Radius
Gets the Neighbors of an Agent within a specified radius.

Vehicle Rules

Sense Image Force
Sense Image Force
Sense Point Force
Sense Point Force

Video Tutorials

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