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Applies a force that causes the agent to randomly steer in a direction that is based off of its previous direction. This produces a seemingly realistic wandering behavior, rather than steering in a completely random direction.


Apply?BIf false, the Force will not be applied to the Quelea. This is useful for having Behaviors override Forces. Can also be used for only applying the force if the Quelea is within a certain area.Boolean
Weight MultiplierWThe factor by which the force will be multiplied by.Number
Agent QueleaAQAn autonomous agent that is an extension of a Particle and can percieve its surroundings and make decisions on how to act.Goo
StrengthSStrength affects the size of the search space that the Agent be able to steer towards. Higher strengths will lead to wider range of movement.Number
RateRRate affects the range of distance from its previous wander seek point along the search space that the Agent will choose its next point to seek. Higher rates will lead to greater change in direction from one timestep to the next.Number


ForceFThe resulting force vector for debugging purposes.Goo
Desired VelocityDThe calcuted desired velocity of this rule before it is applied to the quelea. Supplied for debugging and visualization purposes.Goo
SphereSThe resulting wander sphere for debugging purposes.GeometricGoo
Target PointPThe target point that the agent will seek for debugging purposes.Point

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