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Sense Point Force


Apply?BIf false, the Force will not be applied to the Quelea. This is useful for having Behaviors override Forces. Can also be used for only applying the force if the Quelea is within a certain area.Boolean
Weight MultiplierWThe factor by which the force will be multiplied by.Number
Vehicle QueleaVQA Vehicle with wheels that uses sensors to examine its' environment.Goo
Vision Radius MultiplierRMThe factor by which the Agent's Vision Radius will be multiplied by. The result will determine how far out the Agent will see other neighbors.Number
Vision Angle MultiplierAMThe factor by which the Agent's Vision Angle will be multiplied. The result will be used to determine the angle from the velocity that the agent will be able to see neighbors.Number
Crossed?CIf true, the sensors will affect the wheels on the opposite side. If false, a higher sensor reading on the left side will cause the left wheel to turn faster causing the vehicle to turn to its right. Generally, if the sensors are not crossed, then the vehicle will steer away from areas with high values.Boolean
PointPThe source point for the sensory field.Point
RadiusRThe radius of the range of the sensory field falloff.Number


ForceFThe resulting force vector for debugging purposes.Goo
Desired VelocityDThe calcuted desired velocity of this rule before it is applied to the quelea. Supplied for debugging and visualization purposes.Goo
Sensor ValuesVThe values read by the left and right sensor.Number
Sensor PositionsPThe position of the left and right sensor.Point

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