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Agent Rules
Particle Rules
Vehicle Rules

Constructs the settings for an Agent.


Particle Quelea SettingsPQSA particle is a point that can be affected by forces that do not require a perception of its surroundings or used to supply settings for an agent.Goo
Max SpeedSRather than teleporting, the Quelea will move incrementally by this speed towards targets that it seeks.Number
Max ForceFSteering ability can be controlled by limiting the magnitude of the steering force.Number
Vision RadiusRThe maximum radius around the Agent that it can see.Number
Vision AngleAThe maximum angle, taken from the velocity vector, that the Agent can see around it.Number


Agent Quelea SettingsAQSAn autonomous agent that is an extension of a Particle and can percieve its surroundings and make decisions on how to act.Goo

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