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Agent Rules
Particle Rules
Vehicle Rules

Construct Particle

Constructs the settings for a particle.


Up DirectionUThe up direction for the calculation of the initial orientation.Vector
AccelerationAThe vector of the Quelea's acceleration.Vector
LifespanLNumber of timesteps that the Quelea will be alive for. If negative, lifespan will be infinite.Integer
MassMAffects how strongly the Quelea reacts to forces. Larger masses will lead to more cumbersome movement.Number
Body SizeBThe diameter of the extent of the Quelea's bounds. This is used for collision detection among other things.Number
History LengthNThe number of past positions to remember for each Quelea.Integer


Particle Quelea SettingsPQSA particle is a point that can be affected by forces that do not require a perception of its surroundings or used to supply settings for an agent.Goo

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