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Convert an angle value in degrees to the appropriate amount of steps to move a Stepper Motor.


DegreesDDegrees to convert into stepsNumber
Steps Per RevolutionSEach stepper motor is rated by the number of steps it takes to make one full revolution. A 200 step motor, for example, would take 200 steps to rotate one full turn, or roughly 1.8deg per step.Integer
Number of MicrostepsMMany stepper drivers use microstepping, which breaks down the minimum step into smaller micro steps. Most drivers default to 8 microsteps. Thus to move a 200 step motor one full revolution you would need to move 1600 microsteps. This input allows you to set how many microsteps your driver will use. Note: This input will only allow microsteps of 1, 2, 4, or 8.Integer


Steps to MoveSThe converted number of steps to move the motor.Integer

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