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The reacTIVision Listener draws the position and rotation of each fiducial marker. This component is meant to be used in tandem with the reacTIVision software, available for free from Fiducial marker set available from Note: You must have the reacTIVision software and working camera enabled to use this component.


Base SurfaceSrfOptional surface to map fidicual planes. If no surface is provided, the World XY plane will be used by default.Surface
Start/Stop ListenerSStart or Start the Listening ClientBoolean
Base Plane ScalePsIf no base surface is provide, the World XY plane will be used by default. This scale value will control the overall size of this plane.Number
Draw Fiducial ID Markers TagsTDraw Fiducial ID Marker TagsBoolean
Draw Bounding BoxBDraw Bounding BoxBoolean


Oriented PlanesPOriented planes corresponding to each fiducial markersPlane
Fiducial IDIDThe list of current fiducial id's recognized by the cameraInteger
Listener MessageMsgCurrent status message of the Reactivision ListenerText

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