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Creates 3d Text objects with specified size, location, alignment, and font.


LocationLLocation and orientation of the textPlane
TextTText to DisplayText
SizeSSize of TextNumber
ColorCText display colorColour
Horizontal AlignmentAThe horizontal alignment for the text. 0 = Left, 1 = Center, 2 = RightInteger
Vertical AlginmentVAThe vertical alignment for the text. 0 = Bottom, 1 = Middle, 2 = TopInteger
FontFThe font to useText
Use MeshesMMesh the text, in order to display transparency? Note: This feature is experimental and does not work well with all fonts.Boolean
AttributesattOptional attributes to assign the geometry when baking. This will override the specified display color.Generic
BakeBUse this input as an automatic bake trigger - set to true to bake text to the Rhino document.Boolean

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