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Access the individual attributes of a RhinoObject or an ObjectAttributes type.


Object or AttributesAThe RhinoObject or ObjectAttributes to expandGeneric


Namenamethe object nameString
Layer NamelayThe name of the layer the object is onString
Layer Full PathFPThe full path of the layer the object is onText
ColorcolThe object's display colorColour
Material NamematThe name of the object's render materialString
Linetype NameltThe name of the object's linetypeString
Group IndicesgrpThe indices of the groups to which each object belongsInteger
Plot WeightPWThe object plot weight in mmNumber
Plot ColorPCThe object plot colorColour
VisibilityVTrue if the object is visible, false if it's hiddenBoolean
UserData KeysudkThe keys for user data attached to the object attributesText
UserData ValuesudvThe values of user data attached to the object attributesText

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