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Get a list of viewports and their properties


UpdateUToggle this to force an update when autoupdate is not active.Boolean
Auto UpdateAUSet to true to listen for certain changes to viewports. It will update the component when the active viewport changes, or when viewports are added, destroyed, or renamed.Boolean


Viewport NamesVPThe list of viewportsText
Active Viewport IndexIThe index of the currently active viewportInteger
Viewport BoundsBA rectangle for each viewportRectangle
Viewport Display ModeDMThe english name of the display mode for each viewportText
Camera LocationCLThe location of the camera in each viewportPoint
Camera TargetCTThe location of the camera target in each viewportPoint
Camera PlaneCPThe camera plane for each viewportPlane
Camera Lens LengthCLLThe 35mm lens length of the camera in each viewportNumber
Camera ProjectionCPrTrue if the camera is a perspective projectionBoolean
Camera UpCUThe up vector for the camera in each viewportVector

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