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Gets the list of layers in the active document


UpdateUSet this value to true to update the layer tableBoolean
Auto-UpdateAUIf this value is set to true, the component will listen for changes to the layer table, and automatically update each time something changes. Use with caution - you can create an infinite loop if you create layers downstream based on outputs from this component.Boolean


LayersLThe list of layer names in the active documentText
Full Layer PathsLFThe list of layer names in the document, including nesting informationText
Layer ColorsCThe colors of the document LayersColour
LinetypesLTThe list of linetypes associated with the document layersText
Material NamesMThe list of material names associated with the document layersText
VisibleVTrue if layer is visible.Boolean
Print WidthPWThe print widths associated with the document layersNumber
Print ColorPCThe print color for the layerColour

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