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ADDON. Version Released on 2022-Jan-17. Provides 59 components. Created by Jon Mirtschin. Features 40 video tutorials.
BullAnt is a Rhino3d/Grasshopper plug-in primarily for Architects and Engineers (but also other Rhino/Grasshopper users) featuring computational design tools to enhance and extend the parent program and other 3rd party plug-ins. BullAnt features commands including mesh relaxation (minimal surfaces), mesh inflation (ETFE cushions), symmetry automation, tessellation (polygon packing), structural modelling/sketching (including parametric generation in Grasshopper), geodesic domes and curve network processing. Also included are commands to model members such as steel beams. International standard profiles are included in the plug-in library, which can be easily extended with custom user profiles. Parametric profile from a property table can be applied to a document layer (swept along all curves within layer) or discrete curves. Profile table may be exchanged with external software. Swept profiles are updated automatically if rail curve is altered by user.


Break Down Blocks (ggBB)
Break Blocks down to base geometry and layer names
Cell Fillet (ggCF)
Fillets a cell polygon
Conv Curve (ggCC)
Convert Curve to polycurve consisting of lines and arcs
Polyline To Poly Curve (ggPl2Pc)
Convert Polyline to polycurve consisting of lines and arcs
Create Tree From Lists (ggTFL)
Create Tree from two Lists
Network Fillet (ggCNF)
Fillets a curve network
Curve Network Force Density (ggCNFD)
Force Density application to Curve Network
Curve Network Force Eq Length (ggCNEqL)
Force Density application to Curve Network to achieve equal length
Network Patch (ggCNP)
Create a curve network patch
Network Polygons (ggCNP)
Polygon from Curve network
Network To Mesh (ggCNM)
Convert a curve network to Mesh
Connect Points (ggCP)
Dot to Dot, Truss Style
Connect Point Sets (ggCPS)
Dot to Dot in Sets of points
Dynamic Path Mapper (ggDPM)
Dynamic Path Mapper
Mesh False Color (ggMFC)
False Color applied to Mesh
Profile Angle (ggAng)
Generates an Angle Profile
Profile Channel (ggU)
Generates an Channel (U) Profile
Profile CHS (ggCHS)
Generates an Circular Hollow Section Profile (Solid if no Thickness)
Profile C (ggC)
Generates an Circular Section Profile
Profile IBeam (ggIB)
Generates an I Beam Profile
Profile Rect (ggRect)
Generates a Rectangular
Profile RHS (ggRHS)
Generates a Rectangular or Square Hollow Section Profile (solid if no thickness)
Geo Dome (ggGD)
Geodesic Dome
Search Profile (ggSP)
Search Catalog for Profile
Create Section Prop (ggSP)
Create Structural Section Property
Identify Voids (ggV)
Identify Voids from a Brep
Inflate Mesh (ggInflate)
Inflate Mesh
Inflate Mesh Target Height (ggInflateToHeight)
Inflate Mesh to Target Height
Inflate Surface (ggInflateSrf)
Inflate Surface
Lines To Segments (ggLTS)
Split list of lines into colinear segments
Inflate Params (ggIP)
Inflate Params
Mesh Paths (ggMP)
Mesh Paths along face edges
Force Density Relax Params (ggFDRP)
Force Density Mesh Relaxation Params
Mesh Repel Verts (ggMRV)
Force Density Mesh Vertex Repelling
Mesh Resize (ggMR)
Resize Mesh
Mesh To Brep (ggMTB)
Convert Mesh to Brep
Force Density Relax (ggFDR)
Force Density Mesh Relaxation
Oc Tree (ggOT)
Geometry Gym OcTree
Poly Curve (ggPC)
Interpolate Poly Curve
Polyhedron (ggPH)
Generate Polyhedron
Profile On Curve (ggPOC)
Orients Profile on Curve
Proximity Points (ggPP)
Geometry Gym Proximity Points
Remove Duplicates (ggRD)
Make set of curves without duplicates
Simplify Polyline (ggSPl)
Simplify Polyline by merging co-linear segments
Curves Split Intersect (ggCS)
Split curves at Intersection Locations
Sweep Profile (ggSweep)
Sweeps Profile on Curve
Tessellation (ggT)
Generate Tessellation
Truss From Curves (ggTC)
Divide and Connect curves, Truss Style
Truss From Curves Length (ggTCL)
Divide and Connect curves by length, Truss Style
Unroll (ggU)
Unroll Surface
Vector Streams (ggVS)
Geometry Gym Vector Streams, work in progress, do not rely on results as may change in future revisions
Insert Point
Generate Insertion Point
Generate Angle
Generates an Angle Profile
Generate Channel
Generates an Channel (U) Profile
Generate CHS
Generates an Circular Hollow Section Profile
Generate Univ Beam
Generates an Universal Beam ( I ) Profile
Generate RHS
Generates a Rectangular or Square Hollow Section Profile
Search Section Prop
Search Catalog for Structural Section Property
Truss Type
Truss Type: 0 - PRATT, 1 - WARREN, 2 - VIERENDEEL, 3 - BROWN, 4 - HOWE

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